French Town Technology and Industrial Center


Unique Opportunity for Specialized Industries

warehouse insideIn addition to the many assets and infrastructure already in place at the site, Frenchtown Technology & Industrial Center offers unique opportunities for specialized industries, including:

  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Industrial Technologies
  • Oil Field and Oil Equipment Manufacturers
  • Other Chemical and Wood Biomass Manufacturing Operations
  • Emerging Technologies

Other Advantages at the Site include:

  • Air and Effluent Discharge Permits Available
  • Tax Credits
  • Access to Well-Educated Workforce
  • Large Pool of College Graduates/Engineers
  • Vocational Training Programs Nearby
  • Location near International Airport and Interstate 90

More than one-million square feet of available space

Formerly a Smurfit-Stone paper mill, Frenchtown Technology & Industrial Center has several structures that have been maintained and preserved since the mill closed in 2010.

Available Space:

  1. 600,000-sq.-ft., Two-story Building Suitable for Industrial Manufacturing or Warehousing
  2. 70,000-sq.-ft. Office and Maintenance Building
  3. 5 Warehouses Ranging in Size from 10,000 to 40,000 sq. ft.